Five Four Records Changes Name to 54 Entertainment to Reflect Diversified Business and Continued Growth in the Thai Music Industry

54 Entertainment, the leading independent record label in the Thai music industry, has announced its name change from Five Four Records. The rebranding reflects the company’s evolution from a record label to a multi-faceted entertainment entity with a focus on developing and promoting local talent. The name change takes effect immediately.

Originally founded in 2015 by a group of music industry professionals with a passion for supporting local artists, 54 Entertainment quickly gained recognition for delivering high-quality music to the Thai music industry while bringing Thai music to the international market. In 2017, the company expanded into concert promotion, producing a range of successful shows, including the first-ever sold-out concert performed by the Thai Philharmonic Orchestra, which was a major milestone for the company.

54 Entertainment continued to expand its offerings by producing music for popular Korean and Chinese TV series, raising the profile of Thai music on the international stage. The company ventured into pop music production using the traineeship model, training aspiring artists for an extended period of time to groom them for success in the music industry.

The rebranding process will begin immediately, with the new name and logo appearing on all company materials and properties in the coming weeks. For more information on 54 Entertainment, please visit

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